Williamsburg Bridge, rode this about one thousand times.

summer 2014


willing-to-share asked:

wow i love your blog and your photos. i shoot film myself but i never get these results!!! these colours are AMAZING!! are these spacial films or something?? and sometimes you get these lines of colors that seem to be created at the developing, do you develop your films youself?


Hey thanks! Lately I’ve been using regular ole Fuji 400H, and Portra 160/Portra 400. I used Fuji Provia slide film every now and again as well. Those strips of color are light leaks, created by the camera! I don’t develop my own film but I scan it myself


Washington Square, July 21st, 2014


Balance & Composure // Nashville, TN

Snapshots from last spring, missing all of this.

Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania 

Spring 2013